Survey on Bylaws and Form-based Overlay

Please read the following, then complete the survey at the bottom.

On November 6, at the 2018 annual general meeting a request was put forth to review the bylaws and propose changes to them. Specifically, a change was recommended in the Purpose section. The current reading of Purpose (#3): “Develop and enact strategies to preserve and enhance the historical integrity and beauty of Highland Park.” (The complete bylaws are accessible here.)

After significant research, the History & Preservation Team has come to the conclusion that there is an actionable effort that could be pursued to add protection to the historical nature of Highland Park’s homes. This effort would involve the creation and then application of a form-based overlay zone to Highland Park. A form-based overlay is not a historic preservation zone as currently defined by Lafayette.

You can read an executive summary of the History and Preservation Team proposal here.

What would the process look like?

The creation of this form-based overlay would likely be a 12 to 24-month process led by Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission (APC), which would look something like this:

  1. Establish an HPNA steering committee to advise the APC
  2. Request the Lafayette City Council to request APC support for developing the overlay.
  3. Work with APC to develop form-based overlay.
  4. Review and ratify form-based overlay with HPNA officers and members.
  5. Review and ratify form-based overlay Highland Park property owners.
  6. Request APC approve form-based overlay.
  7. Request Lafayette City Council to approve form-based overlay.

What could be the end result?

The look and feel of Highland Park today could be protected into the future. The triangle, bicycle bridge, ravine, and streetscapes could be preserved. There could be requirements that new construction match the look and feel of the neighborhood. There could likewise be requirements that exterior remodeling or renovation projects not change the look and feel of the neighborhood. This is what the result could be. What the result actually is, will be determined by the residents of Highland Park and the APC. The aim is to preserve and enhance the historical integrity and beauty of Highland Park and the effort could only be successful if it is based on open discussion and building consensus about what’s best for our neighborhood.

The form-based effort assumes that HPNA members still believe that it’s important for the organization to enact strategies to preserve and enhance the historical integrity and beauty of Highland Park. If this is not the case, then it may be time to update the bylaws to reflect the priorities of the members.

So what can I do?

The officers of the HPNA want your opinion: please tell us what you think! All residents (18 years of age and older) are encouraged to complete the survey below. Results of this survey will be shared with the membership at a special HPNA meeting on December 11.

This survey closed on December 9.

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