The Neighborhood Association

The Highland Park Neighborhood Association (HPNA), established in 1988, is an organization of Highland Park residents that devote their time and energy to make our neighborhood a great place to call home.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful, historic community. We are also fortunate to have an active Neighborhood Association that connects you with your neighbors, organizes and hosts special events, meets bi-monthly to discuss issues and opportunities, publishes regular newsletters and directories to keep you “in the know,” and provides a voice to the City of Lafayette for our neighborhood requests and concerns.

Highland Park’s Neighborhood Action Teams organize and facilitate projects and events that benefit our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Teams meet throughout the year and there is always opportunity to get involved.

The Membership Team is charged with recruiting new HPNA members and retaining existing members. This team welcomes new residents, communicates the benefits of HPNA membership, leads the membership drive, manages membership applications, and collects dues.

The Physical Improvements Team is charged with developing ideas and implementation strategies for tangible improvements within the Highland Park Neighborhood and its environs. This team solicits input from neighborhood residents, consults with City of Lafayette officials, and evaluates and prioritizes potential projects and initiatives. These projects and initiatives could pertain, but are not limited, to neighborhood identity, beautification, safety, traffic calming, infrastructure, and common space maintenance.

The Preservation Team is charged with researching, collecting, and organizing Highland Park historical information and photographs. This information is made available to interested residents and others. The purpose of this team is to raise awareness of the historic significance of the Highland Park Neighborhood and help interested homeowners make thoughtful decisions regarding their historic property. 

The Social Team is charged with planning, organizing, and facilitating special events for Highland Park residents. This team establishes a neighborhood activity calendar, determines and manages event budgets, oversees event logistics, recruits event volunteers, and coordinates with other teams for support and cross-function opportunities.

The current elected officers as of January 1, 2023

Susan Bradford President
Keith Alyea Vice President
Karen Freeman Treasurer
Theresa Owens Secretary

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