Proposed Street Light Locations

HP Phase 1 Proposed Lights

The City of Lafayette continues to move forward with our request for improved lighting in the Highland Park Neighborhood. In addition to replacing existing overhead lights, we will also see decorative lights along our sidewalks in selected areas.

The City has provided a map highlighting the locations of overhead replacement lights and proposed and alternate sites for additional, decorative lights. The map only includes the northern section of the neighborhood. This northern section is considered “Phase 1” and includes Highland, Wyandotte, Shawnee, Pontiac, and Miami.

Light Replacement. The City plans to replace existing “cobrahead” lights in the neighborhood with a more effective and energy-efficient LED version. Existing wood poles will remain and will be used to support the new light fixtures. Locations of the existing overhead lights are noted with off-white asterisks on the map and are provided for your information.

Proposed Decorative Light Installation. This past June, Highland Park residents were asked (through an online survey) to select one of two styles for the new, pedestrian-scaled lights that will be installed in selected areas of the neighborhood. Residents preferred the Mini Bell LED style. These new, decorative lights will be approximately 12-feet high, black, and illuminate a white LED light; they will be installed in the right-of-way (space between the sidewalk and the street) and are identified with a green circle on the map.

Timeline. The tentative Phase 1 timeline is fall 2015 for overhead light replacement. New, decorative lights could be installed in Phase 1 as early as spring 2016. Project scheduling for all phases is dependent on availability of funds and budget reviews by the City.

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