814 Highland Avenue

814 Highland combines Craftsman and Tudor Revival influences. Two stories in height, exterior walls combine brick on the first story with stucco and half timbering on the second story. The hip roofed porch has low brick knee walls from which wooden posts rise to hold the roof. the square posts are paired with strap work tracery linking the posts at the top. Corner posts are tripled. The upper floor is jettied slightly. The half timbering is vertically placed, except at the corners where inward slanting diagonals visually reinforce the house. Some windows have diamond paned upper sash. An apparent sunroof.sleeping porch section of the house extends south of the main portion of the house. The second level has a bank of casement windows indication the sleeping porch function. The steep hip roof has a slight ridge in the center and eaves are open with exposed rafters. The large double gabled dormer provides much character. The diamond paned windows have heavy timber headers and false timbering work decorates each gable. Heavy bargeboards rest on wooden braces. The sleeping porch section has a separate, slightly lower hip roof. A contributing garage stands behind the house.

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