720 South 9th Street

This two story, wood frame house dates from about 1895 and combines influences from the late Queen Anne and Free Classic styles. The plan and massing derive much from the Queen Anne style with asymmetrically placed gabled projections and a central cubical mass. The foundation is of brick and walls are of wood clapboard. A hip-roofed, wrap around porch covers the main and a portion of the south side first floor. Slender Doric columns support the porch and a railing encloses it. An offset gabled projection on the front elevation has a semi-hexagonal bay window extending from the first to second story through the porch roof. Deep eaves and a plain frieze boards mark the roof line. The overhanging gable is supported on heavy braces with recessed panels. Enclosed is a pediment, the gable end with it’s lunette window has a flared or bellcast roof. A similar projecting gable is found on the north elevation but the bay window is set to the side underneath the gable. Two brackets fill the void beside the bay under the eaves. Asphalt shingles cover the roof.

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